Thursday, February 5, 2015


If it is blue, I bought it for Spring 2015. Seriously, please, please, I hope you love indigo blue as much as I do for your dinnerware, table linens, placemats, vases, tote bags, etc. Coming in March and April...

Roost washed linen tote

Japanese dinnerware

Natural Habitat tablecloth

Vagabond Vintage sauce bowls

Fog Linen laminated trays

Natural Habitat tie dye napkin

The Gift Show

My most important trade show of the year ended yesterday. Held at the Javitz Convention Center, NY NOW spans five days. The show was very inspiring - making products hard to resist. I bought way more than I had anticipated. I'm excited to tease you with what you will find at Atmosphere this coming Spring! 

Hint: I hope you love indigo as much as I do.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Japanese Lacquer.

What an amazing find! Mint condition, red and gold laquerware glasses, made in Japan, circa 1960's, 6 unique designs. $78 for the set.

Here, beside vintage gold embossed, glass vases from the 50's.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pretty, little vase.

I've missed a bit of sleep lately. Been staying up searching auction and antique sites for some new vintage items for the store. I have vases on my mind. This cutie is the first to arrive! Can't wait to see the others I bought. Coming in soon...

Sunday, December 28, 2014


Okay, okay, it's been a while. Won't say I was busy - so trite. Onward!

The holiday season has come to an end. It was wonderful! High intensity, controlled chaos, yet exhilarating and prosperous. Time for some post-holiday reflection and dreaming while I rest my aching wrapping-wrists.

Took a few snaps yesterday of the store using my 'vintage 3G iPhone'. (It still does the job, but like many things and people I surround myself with, it is getting long in the tooth.) I wanted visual references of the store which I could view while I was away from it. For some peculiar reason I have a hard time remembering what it looks like. How large is that nook? Windows 10ft or 15ft wide? That sort of thing.

The images show the shelves in slight disarray. At this point in time, every item in the store has been touched and placed back by a customer but not quite exactly where I had it before. The control freak in me wants to 'fix' everything. Next week.

And after nearly four years with only a puckered paper card on the door announcing our name, and after countless storefront signage mockups, I reveal our new store sign!

My dear friend remarked, "Discreet!!" What more could you want from a sign?