Monday, February 6, 2012

Making the world more beautiful...

one dish towel at a time!

I've got this thing about dish towels. I take them very seriously. They need to be functional, attractive and of course lint-free. Simple, right? Then why are there so many non-absorbent, hideous looking, fuzz-leaving specimens out there? My mission is to rid the planet of them starting today with your help!

Let's identify. You already know what they look like and probably own some yourself. We'll just pretend that they were housewarming gifts from your crazy neighbor. Terry cloth, covered bridge, gingham checked edges, maybe a calendar on it or cats, yeah cute, cute country cats! Ready, set, throw 'em out. Phew, I feel better already. Now let's focus on replacements.  

Enter our very own Vintage Towel Collection exclusively for Atmosphere. The collection has taken 6 months of searching to find the most amazing and in-perfect-condition, miracles of linen and screen printing in the world!

Color, color and more color. The collection includes some of the best U.S. and European examples dating from the 1950's through the 1970's from collector's favorites like Vera Neumann, Ulster and Lamont. Great designs, retro color palettes, these towels will add that perfect touch of color and pattern while you flaunt your superior good taste. Way cheaper than art -- big on impact.

Prices for these little gems range from $26 - $85 based on condition and scarcity. Here are but a few that we've snagged for you:

Should you, instead of drying dishes, prefer to hang one of these lovelies on your chateau wall, our contributing blogger, Little Miss So-and-So, offers some inspiration below.


and more inspiration!

As we are expecting a slew more towels to arrive soon, check back here for a follow-up post with many, many more to select from. Themes include: Mixology, Anglophilia, and Ornithology. What fun!